My musical journey began in 2004 after hearing a young guitar player at the Oregon Express in Dayton, Ohio.  There was something profound and visceral about that experience that inspired me to begin playing the guitar.  After learning the fundamentals of the instrument it seemed natural enough to start writing songs.  To this day I credit Noah Wotherspoon as being the source of the creative inspiration that continues to drive me forward on my musical journey.  Along the way I have had incredibly good fortune meeting many fine musicians, producers, engineers, and other artists who have, in their own way, influenced my work.

While I have no idea when or where this journey will end, it is apparent to me that the force of music is the force of one’s soul and that there is always a place for original expression.  Whether my music is confined to a few or, ultimately, exposed to the many is beyond my control.  There has, however, been a guiding principle, immutable, to write without reservation, without guile, and without any regard to whether my music is accepted or rejected.  I write to give an honest expression about the things I feel, the things I experience, and the things occurring around me.  Mostly however, I write to heal.  I hope my music can touch the listener in some way and for a moment, however fleeting,  provide some comfort in a world that is at times too difficult to understand.

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